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counsellor, trainer, meditation teacher, author


Writing for me has served one or both of two purposes - to give me a way to sort out my ideas and to draw on what has come to me over the years and see where it points - or to convey to others meanings of which I have become fairly certain, or at least confident enough to offer on a "consider this" basis... and thereby set loose my contribution to the tide of human deliberation! Perhaps, if I ever write a novel, I might come to find another purpose, but for now there are two main books which each fall more, but not exclusively, into one or other camp. 

"Stillness in Mind" is a "how to" book and a (Western) therapist's approach to the understanding of the practice and potential of meditation.  It seeks to ground the proposition of mindfulness and meditation in the day to day, and connects with life issues and difficulties which might arise for anyone and which often feature in the material clients bring to therapy.


"Pathways" looks at the means with which humankind has sought to find its way - each an individual striking out alone, but inevitably being confronted with the challenge of relation and the inescapable truth that they only really know who they are when thrown into the melee of association.  "I and Thou", Ubuntu, Koinonia and others are ways our species has sought to encapsulate the essential nature of that coming together with one another - at the very beginning for survival, and today again also, for survival.  Ourselves, others, our planet... and so little time.

"just BE here" has the subtitle "The Guide to Musicking Mindfulness", though 'musicking' does not suggest a need to be musical, because it draws on a much older meaning of 'musick' which related more to the rhythm of life and the flow of being.  This is a different take on mindfulness integrating a philosophy of relation and a perspective of passage and ongoing being.


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. . .  and for the dilettante:  The Quiet Path