We too often think of what limits us... instead of what expands us

We too often see barriers... instead of openings

We too often focus on what could have been... instead of what can be

Counselling is a journey within yourself with someone who has no vested interest, no agenda, no history with you

It is a journey with someone who sees you as a fellow human being, sharing human vulnerabilities and frailties

It is a discovery of who you are, through the attention and encouragement of an empathic companion

It is a route to wellbeing, direction, fulfilment and the simple pleasure of a life lived well

Here you will find... counselling, retreats, meditation, mindfulness, professional and personal development and more



For counselling or supervision online telephone in-house, or for individual and group retreats: 
from UK tel 0844 232 4341 (3p per minute), in France tel  05 61 01 52 08 
or email : simon.cole.france@icloud.com
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